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The ocean, the sand, the sun, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets - our list of things we love about North Myrtle Beach could go on and on; but we don’t want to bore you to death. No; instead, we want to provide local insights about North Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area to those who are thinking about visiting in the near future. Sure, you can visit just any ol’ generic review site, but we think that our blog with the local scoop is where it’s at. From bars and restaurants to theaters and attractions, Salty Frye’s is your guide to all things North Myrtle Beach!

Where to Find the Best BBQ in North Myrtle Beach

With all humility, we submit to you…the 5 restaurants with the best BBQ in North Myrtle Beach. Other sources suggest places, Salty Frye’s Golf Carts anoints them.

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Golf Cart Uses and Their Beach Going Superiority

One of the many golf cart uses is getting people to the beach. They are perfect for short trips with lots of getting in and out and many other advantages. Check out our blog post for more!

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If You’re Looking for Hotels With Lazy Rivers in North Myrtle Beach, We’ve Got You

We get it. You want a river as lazy as you hope to be on vacation. Then check out our blog post on hotels with lazy rivers in North Myrtle Beach. As usual, it’s full of our self-awarded objective opinions.

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The Best Live Music in North Myrtle Beach

Finding the best live music in North Myrtle Beach is easy…because it’s all good. But Salty Frye’s Golf Carts will give some recommendations and considerations.

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7 of North Myrtle Beach’s Best Oceanfront Hotels and Resorts

Oceanfront hotel resorts and hotels can be hard to come by. Well, not in North Myrtle Beach. Check out our blog about 7 awesome oceanfront locations.

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