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3 Great Options for an Aquarium Visit

In the North Myrtle Beach area there are so many things to be afraid of: third degree sunburns,Megalodons, sweet tea induced diabetes, praline addiction, clowns/librarians, and alligators. (*It should be noted that humans are a protected species before you engage one.) Thankfully, many of the dangerous entities are locked away for your protection, yet accessible to your curiosities in places such as zoos, aquariums, circuses, government buildings and more. This month,Salty Frye’swill take a peek at nearby aquariums.

Did you know that, not unlike human tweenagers, jellyfish are fully functional without using a brain? Did you know that Megalodon were larger than school buses and also ate young children? We know they were real and huge because of enormous shark teeth that have been found. Either there was a gigantic shark in the water or there was a family of really goofy looking small sharks out there with stupidly big teeth who likely went extinct because they were ostracisized from shark society. No one really knows, but the aquarium people have some listen-worthy theories for your next aquarium visit. 

Salty Frye’s likes to think of ourselves as helpful. Therefore, we want to be a go-to resource forpeople who might rent a golf cartpeople visiting or living in the North Myrtle Beach area. Let’s look at the three nearby aquariums:

  1. North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher

900 Loggerhead Road

Kure Beach, NC 28449

(910) 772-0500

The North Carolina Aquarium is not as flashy as Ripley’s, but at  $11-$13, it’s a lot of flash for your buck. Here you’ll watch sea creatures like sharks, eels, and rays interact in person. There is a rare albino alligator they call Randy from the Midwest who needs fresh sunblock every 30 minutes or he’ll die. Not really. Her name is Luna. Here you’ll see a rescued bald eagle, a fantastic otter exhibit, sea turtles, interactive activities, and much, much more. The NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher is a fantastic option for anyone looking for an affordable aquarium visit that highlights aquatic life from the Cape Fear region in everything from the swamps and freshwater streams to the majestic ocean. Note: You MUST get tickets online and there are limited numbers. So be sure to get your tickets early. 

  1. South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston

100 Aquarium Wharf

Charleston, SC  29401

(843) 577-3474

Don’t get distracted by another aquatic wonder muted by an unoriginal name. The SCA is mindblower for $23-$30 per person. Here you’ll get to look into the pained gaze of a bald eagle surrounded by fish that he’s not allowed to eat. You’ll have one more chance as an adult to learn what the difference is between a turtle, a tortoise, and a terrapin without having to ask a child. South Carolina Aquarium has awesome interactive opportunities to touch aquatic life and observe a wonderful diversity of both aquatic and terrestrial life. There are over 5,000 creatures from the common to the extremely rare. SCA at Charleston is a creatively staged expansive collection of the South Carolina fauna. If you are up for a drive – possibly one too far for even a golf cart – we highly recommend you add this aquarium visit to your itinerary. 

  1. Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach

1110 Celebrity Circle

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

(843) 916-0888

Ripley’s Aquarium is as you would expect…extra. The general admission price for an adult is $37 (the young moochers are only $13 though), but it’s probably going to be worth it to most people. If you insist on paying Kanye West prices for common things, perhaps they could offer you a children’s party option of sleeping around the sharks for $100. For people who don’t want to have a sweaty, shallow sleep being surrounded by nature’s perfect killing machines, perhaps you would enjoy paying $100 to sleep next to the penguin exhibit? With their general admission, patrons will enjoy dynamic presentations of over 10,000 of the world’s most exciting creatures. One really cool option Ripley’s offers is their glass bottom boat tour, and if you’re into all things Ripley, they have great package specials to their other locations. Don’t settle on a place for your aquarium visit without checking out the Ripley’s website first.  

Because the nearby aquariums do not allow golf carts, we hate to support them. But, unfortunately, we care about you more than even our own service. So we hope you’ll take the time to enjoy these and other great shops, restaurants, activities, andother elementsof our world-class Grand Strand region. If your adventures lead you into a situation better served with a golf cart, please think of us. We do a great job and offer high quality golf carts to give you a smashing good time here.Contact uswhen you’re ready. We’ll be here in our Yeezy sandals waiting for you!

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