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7 of North Myrtle Beach’s Best Oceanfront Hotels and Resorts

In George Strait’s anthem “Ocean Front Property,” he claims to have property on the shoreline of Arizona. As some of you know, Arizona has no coastline. Turns out it was a metaphor for lying. In addition to spelling oceanfront wrong – which is indicative of the kind of mischief going on today – it captures perfectly the often-perpetuated assertion that Arizona is the golf Mecca of the country. Salty Frye’s won’t take the time to educate, but you can read a previous blog about golf on the Grand Strand here. And, what’s more, Mr. Strait, is that we also happen to have many more oceanfront hotels. For people from Arizona and West Texas, that means they are hotels on the beach, like right there on the ocean. But we’re sure your desert is nice, too.

Just in North Myrtle Beach alone we have seven premier oceanfront hotels. Sure, there are lots of fantastic ways to enjoy the beach here, but there is something quaint about not sleeping in a camper with ants and sweaty-headed children. And then, there’s the ocean factor. If you haven’t experienced the sounds of waves crashing at night when you are floating off to sleep, you really should pony up and get here, stat. Here’s just a touch about seven of the Grand Strand’s top notch oceanfront hotels that are located right here in North Myrtle Beach. Per usual, these are in a particular order. We just aren’t going to tell you what it is.

Beach Cove Resort
We start off strong with a look at Beach Cove Resort. Though the amenities and quarters are excellent, we like this hotel because it’s for doers. Racquetball courts, pools, lazy river, and more give ample opportunities to be active. If those don’t float your rubber boat, then perhaps having handy access to Barefoot Landing will help. You can read more about Barefoot Landing in our blog post, but basically it’s acres of restaurants, boutiques, shops, and entertainment. We should have used more verbs there, but trust us, if you’re a doer that loves to explore venues, then we recommend Beach Cove Resort and all that goes with it. Spectacular views, private access to the beach, facilities for active people and especially children, and access to great shopping and eating – you can’t go wrong with Beach Cove Resort.

Sea Watch
Taking it up a notch on the activities, Sea Watch offers not one but TWO lazy rivers, SIX pools, and TEN hot tubs! It’s ridiculous. It’s like an 8 year old child billionaire inherited a kingdom and no one is allowed to say no to him. Let them eat cake! he says, as he also eats cake, in a pool with a DJ! They have a poolside DJ! Plus, oh yeah, the ocean. Luxurious also describes Sea Watch, with its luxury suites and a balcony off of every room. Sea Watch has its own coffee shop and tiki bar for good measure. So, give it a look before you book (Oh, yeah! That’s going to be a slogan.)

North Beach Resort and Villas
North Beach Resort and Villas goes hard with its classy yet fun Caribbean-themed design, superb location, world class service, amenities, and more. There’s an indoor pool for a person who, perhaps, didn’t wear enough sunscreen his first day of vacation as the lady recommended and would, consequently, prefer his flesh remain at medium rare. North Beach Resort and Villas provides people with exciting views, hot tubs, a pool with a swim-up bar, an impressive lounge area, and did we mention the fantastic viewing of the ocean? It may seem a bit much for some, but with each buck there’s a lot of bang. If you want to spend a lot of time at the “hotel,” North Beach Resort and Villas has the facilities, amenities, luxuries, activities, and proximities (not a word) to downtown, Broadway at the Beach, and Barefoot Landing. Check out this place!

Seaside Oceanfront Inn
Seaside Oceanfront Inn offers much of what the other hotels do – pools, a lazy river, indoor hot tub, and more. We like Seaside for its gorgeous vistas. Not to diminish the others, but visitors report the views of the majestic Atlantic Ocean as spectacular. We also like the location with both the ocean and great dining and shopping options at easy access. Enjoy the balconies, observation deck, indoor and outdoor pools, and that view all at Seaside Oceanfront Inn.

Ocean Creek Resort
Ocean Creek is often crowned The Best Value in North Myrtle Beach (Okay, it’s just us, but it should be others, too.) The features are on par with the fancier resorts, yet it offers comparable activities like swimming, but also facilitates putting on a green and sand volleyball. Other features include 1 to 3 bedroom living spaces, private balconies or porches, and full kitchens. For those of us that measure vacations by the quality and quantity of meals, you should know that the on-site Four Seasons restaurant and Beach Club Bar and Grill serve excellent food.

Prince Resort
For us locals, Cherry Grove is a crown jewel. Charming and unpretentious, the town has just enough offerings to entertain a person or family for days. Read our blog post on best area pizza joints that talks about Basil’s, home of the best white pizza in the area by our completely objective preference. The Prince Resort offers much-coveted private beach access and great views. For a different perspective, equally stunning, walk down to the Cherry Grove Pier and get a panoramic look at a beautiful stretch of shoreline. Start your day with a sunrise in the morning from your private balcony or end it by bobbing in one of the outdoor pools in the evening.

The oceanfront Avista Resort has a lot going for it. First of all, the location is great. It’s located near the center of North Myrtle Beach’s shoreline and within walking distance of downtown where there are shops and restaurants and oodles of charm. Avista has its indoor and outdoor pools (as well as heated pools,) hot tubs, and lazy river, but it also has quality on-site dining. These condos have secluded balconies with the standard kitchens and Internet access. Probably our favorite compliment we can give is that, considering its high ratings and luxurious feel and aesthetics, it’s quite reasonably priced. Pair that with the gorgeous view of the Atlantic and you see why it has become a favorite.

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