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The ocean, the sand, the sun, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets - our list of things we love about North Myrtle Beach could go on and on; but we don’t want to bore you to death. No; instead, we want to provide local insights about North Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area to those who are thinking about visiting in the near future. Sure, you can visit just any ol’ generic review site, but we think that our blog with the local scoop is where it’s at. From bars and restaurants to theaters and attractions, Salty Frye’s is your guide to all things North Myrtle Beach!

Top 8 Mini Golf Courses in North Myrtle Beach

Let Salty Frye’s Golf Carts help you out with our Top 8 Mini Golf Courses in North Myrtle Beach.

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Don’t Sleep on Barefoot Landing

Planning to spend some time in North Myrtle Beach? Don’t sleep on Barefoot Landing! With about 25 places to eat and 50 stores, plus live entertainment and more, Barefoot Landing is more than worth the visit!

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5 of the Best Mexican Restaurants Near North Myrtle Beach

We have some fantastic Mexican restaurants in North Myrtle Beach! Some surprisingly inexpensive, some very authentic, some offering a great atmosphere and experience.

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10 of the Best North Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

Scouting out the best North Myrtle Beach golf courses? Salty Frye’s has got you. Read our Top 10 choices!

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6 Restaurants Serving the Best Pizza in North Myrtle Beach

We’ve done it! We have scientifically determined what 6 restaurants have the best pizza in North Myrtle Beach!

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