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Golf Cart Uses and Their Beach Going Superiority

Golf Cart Uses and Their Beach Going Superiority

07/18/2022By: Salty Frye’s

A Salty Frye

We atSalty Frye’s Golf Cartswould like to start off our blog with an apology. You see when reality is beaconing us to take a look inside, the buck stops here. We have mentioned before once or twice that Arizona claims to be the golf capital of the country, even though many of their people haven’t been to the Myrtle Beach area, maybe because their egos won’t stow in the overhead storage compartment. Sorry, that was negative. Anyway, back to our apology. We may have gone too fa– No, we did not go too far. One reason we’re better with golf is because you can do it here without feeling like you’re on a spinning plate inside a microwave. We know people that have repented and moved to the east coast who can’t read the story of Hansel and Gretel because it reminds them too much of home. But…in our apology today we would like to offer an olive branch by helping Arizona people learn about one of the most gloriest golf cart uses: getting to the beach.

We understand you don’t have a beach. But it’s okay. We don’t have many scorpions, so I guess we’re even. We also understand you probably can’t grow olives either, so that was insensitive of us. Boy, we are not doing well. Let’s get back on track. We are going to explain why golf carts are the perfect vehicle in which to go to the beach. 

You wouldn’t drag race in a Prius or go toIKEAin a tiny-trunked Ferrari, unless you’re a single guy. So going to the beach is no different. When going to the beach, golf carts offer…



Even though it’s not as hot here as some other places, such as…well…, it still gets pretty warm in the summer. An ocean breeze helps tremendously, but sometimes it would be nice to have a little more, and most people don’t live right on the beach. Solution? Golf carts. You can choose your own breeze intensity. Feel like you could use nice, strong wind at that moment? Boom. Floor it. Floor it like Thelma and Louise. Sorry, one more quick little thought. Imagine your ancestors had the whole country before them and they went straight for Arizona and thought, “You know what, guys, this is it. I like it here because we can cook eggs without a fire. Now, someone figure out how to raise chickens without water.” Sadly, most of them died trying to decide which one to do first. Okay. We’re done. 


Ever gone to the store and had one or more people stand in the way of the item you need? So frustrating. After a bit, you start to move in, “Oh, excuse me…pardon me…I’m just going to…op…ok, thanks…sorry,” and scoot out of there, speed walking like a child who’s just been told not to run by a lifeguard. Well, that’s how it can feel trying to park during certain times at the beach. One of the great golf cart uses is to cheat a little in the parking battle. Get into tighter spots, get into closer spots and walk less.


Get a couple of your bros and roll through the neighborhoods on the way to the beach in a brand new golf cart, bouncing along like you’re in an old school rap video, if they were made in the suburbs. Women leave their husbands and come outside to watch you cruise by. You feel bad because not everyone has a golf cart. You think about slowing down, but then you come to your senses when you remember a really helpful demotivational poster quote that said “Not every hero is called to every mission. Relax.” So you keep bouncing and bobbing and singing inaudible songs in your head while you lip sync the lyrics you barely know. You will decide at that moment, “When did I become the Secretary of Golf who makes sure all kids have access to free golf carts?” In defiance of guilt you’ll floor it and the barking tires remind everyone that you have left the building. 


Whether it’s a heated round of golf, or a game called Ding Dong Ditch, or a drive by fruiting, getting in and out of a vehicle quickly can be really fun and handy. If you’re coming back from the beach with wet clothes, consider the superiority of our seats versus those made of cloth or leather. Which ones can you hop into faster and with more confidence? The quick in and out advantage is significant when hopping from one shop or restaurant or beach to another. Plus, getting a group of people out of a giant SUV is like opening a theft-resistant plastic package, but people spring out of our golf carts like a NASCAR pit crew. 


Gas prices are cartoonish right now. How about an electric ride? From fuel savings to the liability of repairs or replacement if there is an accident, the cost difference between a golf cart and the average new vehicle is quite vast. The odds of you getting saddled with a $12,000 repair bill is much lower with us.

The most direct of the golf cart uses is to tote around golfers, saving them from miles of lugging golf clubs. However, riding around with the purpose of getting to the beach – or having no purpose at all but to have fun – golf carts really are an amazing invention. They have a decent payload and storage, which is incredible for such a light yet spry vehicle. They are open yet shaded, quiet yet attention getting, simple yet a little boujee and common yet still underrated. You simply must try one! When you’re in need of a golf cart for any reason,contact us. We have fantasticproductsand tons of experience. We’ll steer you right. (Woah, did you catch what we did there?)

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