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A Local Watering Hole Worth Visiting

A Local Watering Hole Worth Visiting

11/19/2019By: Salty Frye’s

Two hands clinking two beer glasses together

If you’ve irritatingly found yourself on this page after Googling “best restaurants near me”, you’re actually in the right place. So, stay tuned.

Salty Frye’s Golf Carts is not only your source of great golf cart rentals, repairs, and purchases, we’re also amazing tour guides. Seriously, we love finding local gems. In fact, we make a point of it.

Each month, a group of us hit the streets looking for all of the best treats and eats we can find. This month’s local watering hole is (Drum roll please), The Clubhouse (Cymbals crash and mics drop everywhere).

If you’re looking for a five star restaurant, this restaurant might not be the place for you. But, if you want to get your dine on in a place where “everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came”, then there’s no better place than The Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse is kind of a secret local watering hole in the North Myrtle Beach area. From the moment you step in the door, you know this place is full of regulars. People are bellied up to the bar enjoying good beer, friendly conversation, and awesome food.

Speaking of food, you’ve got to try the Mozzarella Marinara, because it doesn’t get much better than hot mozzarella cheese that’s been rolled, battered, and deep fried. But, be warned. After eating these mozzarella sticks, you’ll never want any other mozzarella sticks again. When I took the first bite I thought, “I’ve either died and gone to heaven or I’m about to.” I would have been satisfied with just two orders of the Mozzarella Marinara, but the menu called them a “warm-up”. So, I ordered a dozen wings to go with them. Challenge accepted.

When it comes to wings, I’m a bit particular. They can’t be too big. They need to be mostly wings, not drumsticks. If they’re dry rubbed (Keep your mind out of the gutter), they need to be crispy on the outside and moist on the inside (Ehem…Mind. Gutter. Out.). And, if they’re tossed in a sauce, they need to have consistent sauce coverage. And, this is exactly what I got when I ordered the teriyaki tossed wings. These wings were so good I hated to wash them down with anything other than a good beer.

Oh dear, let’s talk beer. While the quantity of beer taps is limited, there’s definitely a beer for you. That is, unless you’ll only drink a Saison whose yeast respirated in Wallonia. As for me, well, I’m more of a beer geek than a snob. Meaning, I think most beer has a place for consumption and the fun in life is matching the place for consumption to the beer. I’m sure you can imagine how one is more fun than the other. Any who, when I visited this great establishment, I had three beer styles in mind: lager, brown ale, or IPA. I chose an IPA from a local brewery by the name of New South, and it did not disappoint.

All in all, it was a pretty good night. I’m definitely going to give this local watering hole another visit.

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