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Looking for Fall Activities in North Myrtle Beach?

Looking for Fall Activities in North Myrtle Beach?

10/28/2021By: Salty Frye’s

: A sunrise over the ocean with tall grasses in the forefront

North Myrtle Beach– just the name brings connotations of fun and sun, lotion and ocean, golf courses and six course meals, swimsuit shopping and bar hopping, fine dining and unwinding, and better weather. But…did you know that we also have other seasons? That’s right. We’re not Hawaii or a casino with no windows or clocks or justice. We have a mild-ish winter, a promising spring, and a fantabulous fall. Since this is getting published in the fall, let’s look at some excellent choices for fall activities. 

The Beach

That’s right. It’s still there. With average high temperatures in the upper 60s and much lower humidity, the beach is an excellent place to 

  • Take a walk

  • Throw a Frisbee (we don’t know how to do the little copyright symbol)

  • Play soccer or volleyball 

  • Collect shells 

  • Go fishing 

  • Surf, paddleboard, etc. with a wetsuit

  • Have a Picnic

These are pretty much the same verbs as summer. Fall activities at the beach, though, happen with cooler sand, fewer people, reduced risk of sunburns and dehydration, and did we mention fewer people? 

Inland Fun

One of the best fall activities in the North Myrtle Beach area is experiencing the local culture. Well, wait, other than golf. By the way, if you need a golf cart, Salty Frye’s happens to have some high quality, reasonably pricedgolf cartswaiting for you. (And now back to our regularly scheduled programming). The local community is friendly, easy going, fun, and charming – just ask us. So, you should consider some of our awesome fall activities when you visit or if you’re already part of our wonderful community.Contact usfor more information! 

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