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Nights of a Thousand Candles Perennially Over Delivering

Brookgreen Gardens’sNights of a Thousand Candlesremains one of the best activities in the North Myrtle Beach area. It ranks right behindgolfingand just ahead ofwine bars. In full disclosure, it wouldn’t stand a chance against drinking wine at a golf course. For perspective, though, you should know that for us, seeing the smile on our childrens’ faces ranks lower as well. 

Sure, sure, it’s gorgeous and fun and unique, but we have a couple of complaints. Number One – there are actually over 2,900 hand-lit candles, so it’s a bit of false advertising if you hate candles. Number Two – they also make no mention of golf carts on their website. But before you and your friends protest by circling the event in angry golf cart formation, you should know that we’ve found that for the small price of one parking ticket, you can go wherever you want. 

Did you know that Nights of a Thousand Candles was declared the"Best Christmas Lights in South Carolina"? This award came from Travel+Leisure Magazine and likely the coordinator’s mother, who, much like thisSalty Frye’sself-accountableblog, has unquestionable objectivity. We know this because we have mothers who knew we were the most handsome people before anyone else. So mothers are always right and you should definitely go to Nights of a Thousand Candles. 

When you go, you’ll quickly appreciate the aesthetics.


  • Opulent statues

  • Landscaping that rivals even the prestigious golf courses where you can drive one of our many fantastic golf carts

  • Local flora like mature trees with Spanish Moss and a cornucopia of plant species

  • Thousands of lights and candles

  • Much more. 

The exteriorfeng shuiis peaceful yet exciting, and the staging is so professional and perfect that an epicurean with OCD might begin to glow and then transmute into a hot, white orb that lives outside his vacant body. 

It’s quite difficult to find anything unpleasant about the whole project, but we’re working on it. One of the things we’re debating complaining about (and we didn’t say anything before because we felt you weren’t ready for it) is that golfing in the common areas is unappreciated. We were quite surprised to learn that not everyone knows what the word “FORE” means in the context of manicured grass and that some people are born without a sense of humor. 

We’ll leave a lot of the details to the official website, but basically if you want a fun evening out with a unique experience and moving imagery, you won’t need to travel far. Nights of a Thousand Candles – much like our beaches and golf courses andrestaurantsand shopping – perennially under promises and over delivers. Speaking of under promising and over delivering, we hope we’ve won you over with our spirits of helpfulness and humility. If you are in need of agolf cart, contact us. We’ve been over delivering for a long time and we’d like to do it for you!

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