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Patio’s Tiki Bar and Grill Offers Casual Eats in Little River

Patio’s Tiki Bar and Grill Offers Casual Eats in Little River

03/18/2020By: Salty Frye’s

The exterior of Patio’s Tiki Bar and Grill in Little River, SC. It’s a tan building with a red roof. There is a large colorful sign with the restaurant’s name and a painting of a parrot with palm trees on the top of the building.

It was a warm day in early March, just on the cusp of spring. It was lunchtime, friends and I were hungry, and we wanted a place that served casual fare with scenic views. And so, we found ourselves driving to Patio’s Tiki Bar and Grill in Little River, SC.

Located just a short drive from the city of North Myrtle Beach, the Little River Waterfront is tucked away on the Intracoastal Waterway and is home to several locally-owned bars and restaurants. If you’ve been keeping up with our restaurant reviews on our blog, then you’ll know we recently visited this area previously when we dined at Crab Catchers

But this time we wanted to try somewhere new, so Patio’s Tiki Bar and Grill it was.

We pulled into the gravel parking lot and were welcomed by the sight of a bright red building that appeared as if it may have been a house at one time. But that’s neither here nor there. At the entrance, we saw a collection of eclectic decor as well as a sign listing the specials of the day.

When we walked through the front door, we were instantly greeted by a friendly bartender who told us we could sit at the table of our choice. Since it was a nice day, we opted for a tall table on the sprawling outdoor patio, with unbeatable views of the water.

Though it was about noon on a Wednesday during the off-season, there were still plenty of people enjoying a meal and a drink at Patio’s Tiki Bar and Grill. By looking around, I could tell that this is a pretty happenin’ space during the summer months. Who doesn’t love live music near the water?

When we sat at our table, we immediately asked for a beer menu – there’s nothing better than a cold brew on a day like this. I went for a classic Pabst Blue Ribbon, while my friends ordered craft beers that I unfortunately don’t remember the names of. But that’s okay. What matters most is we were all happy with our choices.

After ordering our beers, we looked over the food menu. The no-frills selection here is perfect for those who enjoy straightforward food like salads, deli sandwiches, seafood, burgers, chicken, paninis, wraps, and more. Patio’s even has a sushi menu, but we didn’t order anything off of it this time. I’d like to venture back and give their sushi a try some other time, though.

For me, it was a toss-up between the Cuban Panini and the Chipotle Chicken Club Panini. I went with the latter, and was not disappointed. This pressed sandwich featured grilled chicken, provolone, bacon, avocado, and chipotle mayo; a fantastic and mouth watering combination I can still taste at this moment. For the side, I upgraded to fries. It was a solid choice.

Out of the other three people with me, two of my friends went for one of the specials of the day; Reuben Tacos. This dish came with three soft tacos stuffed with corned beef, sauerkraut, and shredded Swiss cheese. Sounds interesting, right? Both of my friends who ordered them loved them.

My other friend? He indulged in the Sante Fe Melt Panini with roasted turkey, bacon, spicy jack cheese, and southwestern mayo. Considering the fact he wiped his plate clean, I’d say he rather enjoyed it!

Overall, our afternoon outing to Patio’s Tiki Bar and Grill was a success. The food was delicious, the beer was cold, and the views were outstanding.

Check back soon for our next restaurant review!

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