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Where to Go for New Year’s Eve

Oh, my goodness. So much pressure. You don’t know where to go for New Year’s Eve. You’ll only have time for one, maybe two places and you won’t get another chance for a year. What to do?

Thankfully,Salty Frye’sis here for you, just like one of our golf carts when you could really use one. We feel obligated to tell you that this is probably the most helpful source on all things North Myrtle Beach. That’s partly due to the fact that we also steal from and link to the sites of all the other sources. To plagiarize Billy Crystal about stealing other people’s work, he says that what’s plagiarism in New York is “homage” in LA. We prefer the LA view when it comes to essential information, like where to go for New Year’s Eve. So – proud to be doing some homage – here’s our guide:

The Pregame

Perhaps you are the early-to-bed type. Maybe you want to double down on the night and hit two events. For whatever reason, here are some early activities. Day drink wisely.

  • Event –Noon Year’s Eve

  • Where –Lulu’s

  • When –10am, Ball Drop at12pm

  • Cost –FREE

  • Note – It’s family friendly, with crafts, sand, and live music. This is outdoors, so dress for the weather.

  • Event –New Year’s Eve Dinner and Jazz

  • Where – Midtown Bistro

  • When –3pm-8:30pmcall843-427-4720or843-222-9059for reservations

  • Cost – See menuhere

  • Note – Reservations are required and there will be live classical piano.

  • Event –New Year’s Eve Fireworks

  • Where –Barefoot Landing

  • When –7pm

  • Cost –FREE

  • Note – Barefoot Landing has much to see, do, and eat. Be sure to come early to spend time there, because if you don’t, you’ll wish you had. Just looking out for you. 

  • Event –New Year’s Eve

  • Where –Bay Watch Resort  

  • When – Dinner seating is at5:30, and8:30p.m

  • Cost –$27.95for adults and$15.95for kids ten and under

  • Note – So, let me get this straight. A nice dinneranddancing till midnight for under $30? 

  • Event –New Year’s Eve Dinner and Celebration

  • Where – Avista Resort

  • When –6pm-11:30pm

  • Cost –$109per person or$209per couple

  • Note – Eat great food and dance like everyone’s watching…because they are. Little known fact. But do it anyway.

Later in the Night

Okay, so you’ve managed to shed the kids for the night, or any other encumbrance. Now what? Consider these fantastic options before you decide where to go for New Year’s Eve in North Myrtle Beach.

  • Event –Concert:  Corey Smith with Jordan Gray

  • Where – House of Blues

  • When –9pm, doors open at

  • Cost –$22-$55

  • Note – Get tickets early and read about their COVID policieshere 

  • Where –21 Main

  • When –8pm

  • Cost –$150(not a typo) (the food is stupid good)

  • Note – Must be 21 years old or older. 

  • Event –NYE 2022 – Diversity Band

  • Where – Local on the Water

  • When –10pm, doors open at

  • Cost –$15

  • Note – Ever listen on shuffle to a playlist of bangers? This band plays a variety of genres in each show. 

Well, it’s time to choose. We’ve put everything from free to selling your liver on this list. Speaking of your liver,  please stayclassyand drink wisely. If you need some liquid encouragement to dance, mightn’t we suggest rideshare or if you have a friend with a golf cart, maybe you could trust him? He’s obviously very smart and rational and an overall good person if he drives a golf cart. 

Salty Fryes Golf Carts is even more helpful as a purveyor of recreational vehicles than we are at writing blogs. A lot more actually. So if you ever find yourself in need of a golf cart in the Grand Strand area,contact us. We have a nice selection of dependable, high quality, ready to go golf carts!

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