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The Best Live Music in North Myrtle Beach in 2023 Updated

*Updated as of May, 2023 to update live music venue links

Okay, so we’re going to make some people upset here. There is simply too much great live music in North Myrtle Beach. Even the people getting paid to review the venues usually stop halfway through and decide to simply give links where you can do your own “research,” aka meandering around Google. Since it is Friday and the weather is nice, we will also not give an exhaustive review of every venue in the NMB area. What we will do is put together a suggested strategy for enjoying the best live music the region offers. 

*Full disclosure – Salty Frye’s Golf Carts tries to not offend people, but journalism of integrity is all about truth, even if it hurts. Our brave but necessary blog on the Best Pizza in the North Myrtle Beach Area caused significant grief to many 4th generation/one-eighth genetic Italians in the area. We won’t name names, but one person drove by Salty Frye’s and did the whole hand-swipe-under-the-chin thing, which we later learned was not a man scratching his razor burn, which admittedly we should have known since the person was a woman. 

**We do not upset our customers, btw. That wasn’t clear.  Sorry about that. We’re still recovering from doing our journalistic duty for our follow up blog on Best Brewpubs in North Myrtle Beach

Getting back to the best live music, here’s what we recommend:

Assess What You or Your Group Are Looking for in a Night Out

Do you want fun or classy? Do you want edgy or family-friendly? Genre? Location? Do you plan to eat there and is the quality of the food important to you? If the websites we link below are unhelpful, consider customer reviews on sites like Yelp and also the venue’s Facebook page. Here are some considerations:

Location. A handy resource for finding the location of the best live music in North Myrtle Beach is However, before you lock in on going by what is closest to you, we want to mention that all of these places are within 30 minutes of North Myrtle Beach. We especially want to encourage you to consider if this outing will be a stand alone experience or part of a bigger expedition that might include shopping or sightseeing. 

  • For a total package, you can’t beat Barefoot Landing. There you’ll find fantastic nightlife, including some of the best live music on the Grand Strand. House of Blues is the place to go for top notch entertainment there. Here’s a link directly to the House of Blue concert calendar. If you’re looking for a hidden gem frequently by most locals, you’ll want something else, but if you want high quality performances and the promise of a rockin’ good time. Great shopping, dining, and more can all be a part of your night. Also, if you’re looking for a concert feel, Alabama Theatre is a ringer!
  • Main Street in North Myrtle Beach is another package deal. The area offers live music at the OD Arcade and Lounge, Deckerz, and Duck’s Nightlife. This is a really fun place to be. If you’re from out of town, this should be on your to-do list. Whether it’s a large concert at “The Horseshoe” or part of the Music on Main Concert Series every Thursday night or one of the smaller places that features great performances, you will get a healthy meal of some of the best live music in North Myrtle Beach.  
  • Cherry Grove is a charming little piece of local beach culture with a fantastic beach and a pier that is worth a drive by itself. Here you’ll find Duck Dive Bar & Grill and Murphy’s On the Beach. Both venues are closer to what you might be looking for in a “dive bar.” Murphy’s By the Beach, in particular, carries some of the ruckus attitude you might want when you’re feeling a little wild. Cherry Grove is a perfect place for anyone wanting to spend a whole day. (Many people prefer the beaches in this area to those in Myrtle Beach, but it feels rude to advertise that. It’s kinda like when the little brother is better at everything than the big brother. No one wants to say it.)  

Recommendations. There are plenty of popular, high scoring venues in the area that aren’t in one of those three destinations. If you want the performances to enhance the dining experience, then you’ll be doing yourself right by choosing Martini Backyard Sports Bar & Grill, Local on the Water Boardwalk Billy’s Captain Archie’s Patios Tiki Bar & Grill, and Duck’s Nightlife all capture the spirit of the beach culture well and seldom disappoint. 

As we mentioned, right now there are people with smoke coming out of their nostrils because we forgot their favorite venue. It’s not on purpose, truly. The only establishment we “forgot” was Whiskey Beach because they don’t have a website or Facebook page to link to, and we didn’t want to have links to all of the venues but one. Some of you understand.

Since we’re on the topic of suggestions and strategies for enjoying ourselves, we at Salty Frye’s would like to take this time to offer our products and services. We know a little about having fun in the Grand Strand area, especially when it involves getting around in the coolest way possible. Seriously, has anyone ever cried driving a golf cart? Not likely. Well, maybe when someone is actually golfing, but you get the point. We sell fun and experience – like partaking of the live music in North Myrtle Beach – on top of convenience. So contact us if you’re even thinking about thinking about taking one of life’s great luxuries – driving a golf cart! 

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