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The Great 8 Best Local Breweries and Brewpubs on the Grand Strand – 2023 Update!

Gone are the days of having to drink your neighbor’s homemade beer and trying to match his excitement without choking. It tasted like restaurant swill that had been filtered through underwear first, then newspaper. (Sorry Steve.) But no more. No, small breweries are changing that. Across the country some of the best local breweries and brewpubs are mastering the art and science of one of the world’s oldest hobbies. They are putting the craft in craft beer. Bellying up to a bar or table, or maybe bringing it home from the store, we now have balanced, complex, rich, delicious drinks for most any beer connoisseur. 

We’re blessed in North Myrtle Beach to have some of the best local breweries. World class, award-winning beer, cider, mead, and more are all just minutes away. Let’s look at some of the highest quality, best local breweries in North Myrtle Beach. 


1109 Campbell Street, Myrtle Beach 29577

We love this place because it’s been around before the craft beer revolution. Their quality and consistency is as good as any and they do it with a keen interest in providing beer for every level of beer drinker, from your light standards for the dabblers, to the fancy pants epicureans, this team brings the heat. We also appreciate the more rugged draws like the Big Wooly Mammoth Imperial Stout.New Sou


3060 Howard Ave Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Okay, so if you are looking for a classy place to drink top notch beer, Ol’ Gordon’s got you covered. German-inspired craftsmanship that matches the flavors of the from-scratch food takes real skill and dedication. We love this place because it’s so broad in its appeal. Want sports? They have loads of TVs. What to enjoy the climate? They have outdoor seating as well as indoor. Want to tickle your taste-acquired palate? Gordon has beer for the connoisseur as well as the Neanderthals like us. They have sipping beer and guzzling beer is what we’re saying. Check this place out before you settle with any of the others. 


819 N Kingshighway, Myrtle Beach, SC 

GSBC offers many of the obligatory brewpub mainstays like several IPAs, and others, but we give extra points for taking some chances with their home run, swing-for-the-fences Pie Wheel Key Lime Sour and Beach Santa Mint Stout. The success of Grand Strand as one of the best breweries is due to their overall, consistently top notched line up – no rotten eggs.


4926 Highway 17 South Unit 2 North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

CHB (we’re on a first acronym basis) is locals-approved, consistent, quality brewing. Crooked Hammock has great beer, but people come back for the atmosphere. Other places may be classy or trendy, but CHB charms you with their down to earth, vibrant vibe. Live music, corn hole and bocce ball, and great food and brew await you just a skip and jump from North Myrtle Beach. If the world is split into Target people and Walmart people, Crooked Hammock is for both!


3421 Knoles St Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Tidal Creek is known for its beer but also its efforts to be inclusive. The leadership is dedicated to having one of the best local breweries that also changes the game. They are dedicated to being a kid-friendly, pet-friendly establishment that creates opportunities for women and marginalized groups in beer making. Located in the Common Market, visit this ocean-themed brewhouse for a myriad of reasons. We promise you’ll love their products and atmosphere while you’re there. 


201 Fantasy Harbor Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Okay, hear us out on this one. If you don’t like citrusy or fruity brews, you may not be happy here, but…what they do, they do it well. It’s a great place to expand your palate and drink some extremely well-made, difficult to make beer. The atmosphere at IRBC is fantastic. Great for groups and partying, check this out if you’re looking for a fun, unique experience.


5850 Ocean Hwy W #1, Ocean Isle Beach, NC

With around 20 perfected craft beers to market, Makai has established itself as a serious player in competitive local crop of options. They expertly manage to provide beer accessible and attractive to everyone on the beer-loving spectrum, and yet, they stay true to their beach theme and high standards for craftsmanship. Don’t let the quality marketing and presentation trick you into thinking their products are watered down, though. These brews are truly good enough to reach the masses and yet maintain passion for perfection. 


4802 Main Street, Shallotte, NC 28470

All the way up in Shallotte, NC brews a clever little brewery. Known for unique and creative concoctions, 34N brings together the science and artistry you would expect from a place called Experimentation Station. They have a constantly updating draft list of craft beers fresh in every sense of the word. Fresh in age, fresh in their bucking of stale trends, and fresh in lively flavors – they are some of the best around if you’re into quality craft beer. Don’t ask them to explain the purpose of the cedar plank walls unless you want to relive a nerdy chemistry class without paper to doodle on. Apparently it’s a big deal. We would have explained it here but we don’t understand it. We just started talking about golf cart parts and left with our pride.  

We are not fluent in all manners or beer language, but we are in golf cart language. Come on in if you want to rent or buy a golf cart. Just like many of the brewpubs listed, we have high quality products to meet the most refined tastes. Contact us and let us show you why we’re a thriving, growing company in the North Myrtle Beach area!

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