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Where to Find the Best BBQ in North Myrtle Beach

Saying one place has the best barbecue is like admitting you have a favorite child. We all have one, but we feel bad throwing shade on the others. If only someone else could come along and help the others do better in life. Then possibly they could be the favorite, but to be honest, it’s not looking good. And people are surprised that we don’t always like the ones that seem the most put together on the outside. Sometimes we know they’re terrible on the inside. Others, however, look bad to the eyes, but we know the real them on the inside. It’s the same with barbecue joints. At any rate, sit on the edge of your seat as Salty Frye’s names the best BBQ in North Myrtle Beach.

Those of you partakers of real culture know that our almost-viral suggestions of establishments in North Myrtle Beach are unusually accurate and helpful. Just last month, we heard about someone who read our blog on “How to Be Classy at Wine Bars” and received a standing ovation when she left after singing 11 verses of “99 Bottles on Wine on the Wall.” Some say she was thrown out, but who knows? We simply make objective opinions based on years of personal preferences and the collective wisdom of people who leave reviews online. In tandem with those reviews, we venture to provide you with real world, on the ground, locals-approved assessments. 

We do not speak hastily. We understand that we affect the fundamental dining economy of the Grand Strand area. After publishing our “Bottom 5 BBQ in North Myrtle Beach” blog (now removed for legal reasons), which was a real hit with the have-had-food-poisoning-before demographic, we knew it was time to give the Top 5. So here we go. 

5.  Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse

Okay, hear us out. Sure, it’s not your conventional barbecue joint, but think about it. You have savory meats like beef and pork cooked over an open bed of charcoal, including ribs and other saucy meats. If that’s not a barbecue, then apparently our two semesters of Spanish didn’t prepare us for the menu that was written in Portuguese. But whatever the menu says, we know tasty meats grilled over an open flame, borne of burning wood, when we smell it. This place will have you licking your napkin and suddenly understanding the offsides rules in soccer. Guaranteed. 

4. Brisket

You might be thinking, “Why would a restaurant called Brisket not be number one?” Well, the answer is it’s Texas-style barbecue, so it’s really, really good, but we didn’t think their ego could contain being inflated by such a compliment as to be heralded in the top three of Salty Frye’s well-skimmed blog. We could be convinced to award a Kansas City-style barbecue restaurant since they need something to be proud of besides Patrick Mahomes’s acting in the State Farm commercials. But, Brisket is actually fantastic. Mostly beef features suit us just fine, which is a trademark of the 1880s themed production they offer. It’s a fun place, very authentic, and the barbecue is superb!

3. Mission BBQ

Mission works hard to support organizations that serve and honor veterans and other military and law enforcement personnel. They support funds and services such as Honor Flights and the USO, and many more. Pair that dedication with the fantastic barbecue and you can see why Mission is a fast growing, top shelf franchise. Everything about the place is done well. Even though Old South is the least expensive, Mission wins the award for best value. So check it out. And be sure to come for lunch and stand for the daily salute to the flag.

2. Old South BBQ

Looking for that hole in the wall? Possibly one that’s as casual as barbecue was meant to be? Old South hits the nail on the head for what we often want and is so hard to find – good barbecue at a good price. Low overhead, yet a fun atmosphere. No frills presentation, yet so scrumptious looking you’d pawn your child’s bicycle helmet to have some. Some of these places are too fancy to call them a “joint,” but Old South is a true barbecue joint. Come enjoy the understated staple found in the Cherry Grove community. 

1.  Bar-B-Que House

Voted Best BBQ 8 years in a row by locals, Bar-B-Que is what’s up! It’s also home to the most unique spelling of barbecue on the list. We assumed they were from somewhere weird like Arizona (Who erroneously asserts that they have the best golf. See here for the truth.) Turns out it’s a local company. At any rate, their Best BBQ in North Myrtle Beach is premier. They’ve won awards for many of their features, like Best BBQ Sauce, Best Hushpuppies, and Best Restaurant for Kids. They even got Best Sweet Tea, which for the judges was, we’re sure, like picking a favorite kid if they were all good people. You aren’t a lover of Bar-B-Que if you don’t at least drive by and smell this place!

We want to apologize to all the barbecue restaurants that didn’t get picked. No offense, it’s just personal. We have our favorites. And we’re sure you have a very good reason for doing things the wrong way, but we have the integrity of our name to protect. We want people reading to know that we are straight shooters. 

Speaking of being straight shooters…we are also upfront about our hidden agenda to sell or rent you a golf cart. Sure, we love the great BBQ in North Myrtle Beach, and we love to eat ribs like Tom & Jerry, but that’s only good for the inside of your body. Just think how cool you’re going to look rollin’ up to people with the posse in the back. Perhaps there’s a cigar involved. Perhaps you bounce along with some fat beats banging. People say you can’t buy happiness, but they’ve never said it from a golf cart! Contact us and let’s get you rollin’.  

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